Elk Country

The last several-month leg of our journey has been a very busy and stressful time in our lives while completing work for ordination. So after Easter Sunday, we finally carved out some time away.

We stayed fairly close to home, renting a cabin for two nights in neighboring Elk County. The rainy/stormy season continued during our trip but we did have some decent breaks. In fact, some of the photos below were taken at the Elk Country Visitor Center in Benezette, PA before and after a thunder/hail storm.

The new Elk Country Visitor Center is a nice place to visit. The 22-minute multimedia movie in the Story Theater is well-done (that’s where we were during the storm, which we didn’t know about until afterward). We saw a lot of elk at the visitor center after the storm.

It was a good time away. We stopped at a nearby playground in Benezette on our way home. The kids enjoyed the playground, including the climbing wall. Ethan has always been a climber, and now, Sarah climbs whatever Ethan climbs.

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