Adam Hamilton’s Leadership Revival

One of the highlights at this year’s annual conference was Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection (COR). Adam led three presentations.

We attended COR’s Leadership Institute in 2008 and thoroughly enjoyed it (see post here). Here are some of the highlights from Adam’s annual conference presentations …

What Leaders Do

  1. Set the tone of the organization.
  2. Clarify and champion the mission and vision.
  3. Hold the organization accountable to accomplish the mission.
  4. Responsible for preparing the organization for the future by leading change.
  5. Evaluate, celebrate victories and honestly address shortcomings.

Five Key Leadership Principles

  1. It’s all about people.
  2. Healthy organizations have a clear MVP (mission, vision, plan).
  3. Change, innovate, improve or die.
  4. Intentional discipleship (sanctification).
  5. Discernment by nausea.

Five Components of Preaching that Connects

  1. Teach people something they didn’t know before.
  2. Inspire them by touching their hearts.
  3. Interesting stories, metaphors.
  4. A call to action.
  5. Must be biblical.

Adam suggested three key questions that leaders need to be able to answer and help people in their churches be able to answer as well …

Three Questions

  1. Why do people need Jesus Christ?
  2. Why do people need the church?
  3. Why do people need this particular church?

Well, these are just some of the basic highlights. There’s much more. In fact, one of the things I especially liked about the presentations was that Adam included a lot of practical applications. I attended all three sessions and I reviewed them online earlier this week. There are some practices I want to implement in my own leadership and ministry!

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