York, Maine

We recently returned from vacation where we spent a week in York, Maine, on the coast of southern Maine. It was a great week, and the kids enjoyed it tremendously. They got to spend some time at the beach, mostly playing in the sand at Long Sands Beach. They also enjoyed climbing on the rocks around Nubble Lighthouse.

We love Maine. Joleen and I visited Bar Harbor (a little further north) in 2000 and loved it, especially it’s rocky coast. A few years ago, we passed through the area on our way to Nova Scotia, Canada. Our favorite place in Nova Scotia was Peggy’s Cove, which has an awesome rocky coast. So one of the things I enjoyed on this trip was climbing on some rocks with Ethan (except that it was hard to pull him away from the rocks when it was time to go).

While in Maine, we spent an afternoon at the Kittery Outlets (not my favorite activity), visiting some historic sites in York, and cooking out and/or eating out a few times (my favorite ice cream was Maine Wild Bear, which was raspberry ice cream with chocolate-covered raspberries, at the Ice Cream House). We also watched them make salt water taffy at The Goldenrod.

It was a good way for our whole family to get some much-needed rest after a long, final stretch of our ordination journey!

Here are several of our favorite photos from the experience …

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