6 Next Steps After the 2011 Leadership Summit

Yesterday, I wrote 6 Takeaways from the 2011 Leadership Summit. Now I want to look ahead so that we can make the most of what we’ve experienced!

We’ve attended enough seminars over the years to know that once you return from an event, no matter how great, it’s easy to put the notebook on the shelf or hide the notes in a file somewhere. In other words, unless you take some next steps, it doesn’t do much good!

So, here are some things I want to do after the Summit …

Watch Bill Hybels upcoming webcast.
The Willow Creek Association makes it easy to follow up on the Summit. On August 24, Bill Hybels will review the Summit in a one-hour webcast: What Messed with My Head.

Check out online digital resources.
At the Summit, we registered for next year’s Summit and received a code for access to online digital resources.

Read more and listen to more audio/video resources.
At the Summit, we purchased the Summit Resource Bundle Bag which includes downloadable mp3s of all the Summit speakers, a DVD collection of 10-minute video segments on leadership, and three (speaker’s) books of our choice (we chose Humilitas by John Dickson, Onward by Howard Schultz, and Move by Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson). It’ll be a while till I get to these books, but I’ll especially enjoy reviewing the talks as I travel.

Watch “Waiting for Superman.”
Specifically related to the takeaways I wrote about yesterday, I want to watch Waiting for Superman, the documentary on Michelle Rhee.

Read Jeremiah.
I also want to read through Jeremiah again (I’m currently halfway through Isaiah, so Jeremiah’s on deck). I particularly want to think about success as it relates to the call and ministry of Jeremiah.

Pray for Divine Mandate.
I want to lead Centre Grove to pray for divine mandate. This couldn’t come at a better time as we make final preparations for our Matthew 28 consultation weekend coming up in less than six weeks.

What are your next steps at becoming a better leader?

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