Family Time at the Bishop’s Retreat

One of the nice things about going to the Bishop’s Retreat each January is that it’s an opportunity to go as a family. This was the fourth retreat that Joleen and I have attended. Amazingly, this was also 4.5 year-old Ethan’s fourth retreat and almost-3 year-old Sarah’s third retreat!

The retreat begins on Monday and concludes Wednesday at noon. We usually make the three-hour drive on Sunday afternoon so that we get settled in before the retreat begins on Monday. Even though it’s more of a “working retreat,” we still have some quality time together when we’re not in session (there are fours sessions over the three days). When we’re in session, the kids play in childcare. This year was the best that they’ve handled being dropped off among “strangers”!

The kids also enjoy the meals, including the desserts after lunch and dinner. Yesterday, while eating pistachios (which have healthy fats), I was explaining the difference between good and bad fats. I said we try to limit how much fat we eat, especially the bad fats. Ethan said, “You mean like the ones at the Bishop’s Retreat?”

The fountain at the DoubleTree Resort has always been a kids’ favorite, but this year, the kids’ pool was added to their lists of favorites!

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