A Prayer for General Conference 2012

Nearly three years ago, as Joleen and I began our second year in Clearfield, I wrote a prayer in my journal. Last July, I updated it and posted it on the blog: A Transformational Leadership Prayer.

As I said last year, this prayer has stuck with me and I pray it every now and then. When I prayed through it this morning, it also became my prayer for the delegates of the United Methodist Church’s General Conference 2012.

General Conference could—and hopefully will—be a significant turning point in the life of the church. See my recent post, United Methodists Prepare for General Conference 2012, to learn more about GC2012.

Here’s my revised version for General Conference 2012 …

O God, I pray for strength and stamina for the delegates of GC2012. Be their rock and firm foundation. Provide them with the spiritual grounding they need for the journey ahead. As they build their lives on Christ, the solid rock, develop your character in them!

Lord, give them favor with one another and with the people you call them to be in ministry with.

Give them wisdom so they may lead well, and discernment so they will be able to sift through all the distractions in order to focus on those things you call the church to be about!

As they navigate the journey ahead, give them patience and persistence to stay the course in the midst of the challenges and obstacles that will arise during the slow-going work of transformation and revitalization!

And give them courage to follow the leading of your Spirit, even when it’s hard!

Through your leadership in their lives, expressed and lived out at General Conference, make us a movement once again, a movement fully engaged in the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!


3 thoughts on “A Prayer for General Conference 2012”

  1. Couldn’t find any other way to send you a note. Susan Shimmel just called me and said you are planning a First Responder service. I have replied.

    On a separate note, I am also a UM clergyperson, also an ATS grad (’04, M.Div.), and also the proud father of an adopted daughter (China).

    I read a few of your blog posts and thought I’d drop you a line.


    Glenn s.

  2. Glenn, thanks for the comment.

    I’m sorry it’s not clear how to contact us. There is an email icon on the right sidebar under “Connect,” but it’s pretty obscure.

    Thanks for reading, and chiming in!


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