General Conference 2012 Round-up

General Conference 2012 ended one week ago today. In the past week, I’ve read a number of post-conference reflections. I thought I’d list several of them here. These aren’t necessarily the best, or only ones, but they are some of the best ones I’ve read.

United Methodist New Service: General Conference wrap-up (Richard Peck)

A General Conference Postlude (Rev. Tom Berlin)

A view of General Conference, from the ‘muddled middle’ (Elaine Robinson)

Our stubborn system: A reflection on GC2012 (Ben Boruff)

Reflections on General Conference 2012 (Rev. Mike Slaughter)

Bishop Davis Reflects on General Conference 2012 (Bishop Lindsey Davis)

Run Aground at Tampa Bay: A Reflection on the 2012 General Conference (Bishop Timothy Whitaker)

Several by Bishop Michael Coyner: Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, No Guarantees, Finding Their Voice, It Was Never About Structure, and Good Results from General Conference.

All of these wrap-ups and reflections were written by people who attended General Conference 2012. I wasn’t there, but followed it as closely as I could from a distance. So, while I’m rounding up some articles, here are links to my General Conference-related posts …

Episcopal Address: Resurrection Revolution

Employed for Thee or Laid Aside for Thee

Church in Need of Bold Action Chooses No Action!

I Don’t Have to Survive!

General Conference and the Transformation of The United Methodist Church

“The Recovery of a Contagious Methodist Movement”

Transformation of The United Methodist Church

4 Strategies to Transform The United Methodist Church

John Wesley’s Fear for the Future of Methodism

If you’ve come across a good General Conference wrap-up/reflection, please leave a comment!

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