Our First Job Is to Make Ourselves Available to God

Both in churches and in denominations, such as The United Methodist Church, in need of transformation and turnaround, it’s easy to focus on fixing the church. Our job is not to fix the church but simply to make ourselves available to God!

We place too much emphasis on gifts, skills, and abilities, and not enough on faith, surrender, and a heart for God. We act as if the church depends on us.

While we are the body of Christ—the hands and feet of Jesus—the truth is, we can accomplish nothing by ourselves. Jesus said, “Without me, you can’t do anything” (John 15.5, CEB). Unless God works through us, our gifts, skills, and abilities accomplish nothing of eternal significance.

We must never forget that building the church is Jesus’ job. Jesus said, “I’ll build my church on this rock. The gates of the underworld won’t be able to stand against it” (Matthew 16.18, CEB).

As a pastor, my job is not to fix the church, or even to build it. My job is to make myself available to God, follow Jesus, and stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, so that God can use me to accomplish his will!

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