Ethan Goes to Kindergarten!

We have reached another big milestone in our family’s journey. Today, Ethan began Kindergarten!

Technically, tomorrow is the first day of school here, but Kindergartners went today for a half-day. They’ll be off tomorrow and then Ethan will go back Thursday for the whole day, and have Friday off (half of the Kindergartners will go Thursday and the other half on Friday). Next Tuesday, they’ll begin their regular, all-day routine!

In just the few years we’ve had Ethan, we’ve hit some important milestones. Today was a big one!

We all walked Ethan to his bus stop this morning. As Ethan boarded the bus, Sarah said, “Bye, best buddy!” As the three of us began walking home, Sarah added, “I’m gonna miss my best buddy!”

This will be an adjustment for all of us, of course, especially Sarah, who loses significant time with her playmate. But this is also a big year for Sarah as she goes to preschool next week!

Here are some photos from the morning …

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