Transformation Day 3

Another wonderful, but oh so intense day. Unfortunately, I do not have
enough time or energy to write much. I’m sure I will have to do some
writing/reflecting a few days after this week is over, once I’ve had a
chance to catch my breath and process all of this.

It was another long day, spending all morning and afternoon in class,
although most of the afternoons have included some individual and small
group time as well. And again tonight, we gathered for a time of
worship, sharing stories, and prayer.

During our prayer time tonight, the group intensively prayed for Joleen
and I. It was an incredibly moving and powerful experience, as they
prayed regarding a need in our lives. I hope to share the results of
this prayer time in the not-too-distant future!

The things that impacted me most today are really a couple things that
impacted me yesterday; they were simply amplified today; things like
"not playing the game," and the need for courage. I’ve always known
these things, but I have a sense that they are non-negotiables for a
life of, not only a Christ-follower, but one who serves God by leading
others in the kingdom of God.

Finally, one thing the Scotts are doing this week is inviting 3-4
people to lunch with each of them, separately. Today, Joleen and I, and
a couple others, had a nice lunch and conversation with Jim, and
tomorrow we’ll have lunch with Molly.

The best thing about this week, really, is that we are not only
learning stuff, we’re also experiencing God in the midst of the
learning! For that I am grateful.

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