Transformation Day 5

In the last few days I have written at the very end of long days. I
write this one at the beginning of our last day here. When class comes
an end at noon today, Joleen and I will be taking some vacation time
for renewal and refreshing. Therefore, it will be several days before I
am able to offer some final reflection on this week, but that will give
me an opportunity to try to process all that has happened in my heart
this week.

Up to this point, I’ve been reflecting on each day at a time. After I’ve had a chance to do some deeper reflection, I
hope to do some reflection on the week as a whole in the coming days.

On deck for today, we’ll mainly be wrapping up the class with final
words from the Scotts. As we have everyday, we’ll open with devotion.
After the devotion, I will be reviewing an article by Jim
Collins called "Level 5 Leadership." And at the end of the day, we will share in a time of holy communion.

But perhaps the most exciting thing about the day will be what we’re
secretly planning. Since the Scotts have been so generous and
giving this week, on Wednesday I
felt strongly that we, as a class, needed to do something to
honor them. I
began coordinating an effort to honor and bless the Scotts at the
end of the week. It finally looks like that will come together nicely.

So, when they invite me to offer my review of the article, I’ll
interrupt their schedule and the class will present the Scotts with a
framed group photo (that we took yesterday) as well as written
blessings from each of us. Finally, we will gather around them (as they
had us gather around one another all week) for a special time of prayer
for them and their ministry. It should be awesome!

BTW, I do hope to lead a review and discussion about the article, but it may depend on how much time our "interruption" takes.

Anyway, thanks for praying. This has truly been a transformational
experience for me. I look forward to sharing more after I’ve had time
to process all of this!

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