“Developing Leadership” Day 2

We’ve now completed two days. Normally, classes are from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm with 1.5 hours for lunch with a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon. This class has followed a different schedule — 8:30 am until 5:00 pm with only 1 hour for lunch and shorter than 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon. But we don’t really mind the extra time — we’re here to learn as much as we can. Class ends Friday at noon at which time we’ll head home. BTW, we’ll have 3 months to complete our post-class work.

Our days are filled with a lot of variety — devotion, team building exercises (i.e. games), lecture and discussion, as well as a few video clips. The team building exercises come from the book, Teamwork & Teamplay. As I said yesterday, you’ll be seeing some of these in various places from time to time. They’re fun, but they’re also great ways to build teamwork.

We did three exercises during today’s class. We did very well on two of them, but awful on one. I’m hoping we get another chance at that one, because I have some ideas on how we might be able do it successfully. We’ll see how some of you do with it in the near future! 🙂  (It involves a hula hoop and a bunch of people.)

We have wireless Internet access here on campus, which is nice (especially since we’re limited to dial-up at home). This time we even have access in the classroom (not all classrooms do, for some reason). I love being able to search Scripture at BibleGateway.com or for books that are mentioned in class at Amazon.com as well as checking email. Oh, during the morning break yesterday, I finally replaced my desktop images/screensaver from The Incredibles to images from Disney’s recent movie, Cars. 🙂

One of the more valuable pieces from today was a discussion on the many different types of leadership styles. When we think about leadership, we tend to think of one style. But there are really many different types of leadership. Here are the ones we discussed today. If there’s one (or a few) that you’d like me to attempt to describe, let me know in the "comments" section (click on "comments" just below this post).

  • Doxalogical Leadership
  • Missiological Leadership
  • Apostolic Leadership
  • Submissional Leadership
  • Episcopal Leadership
  • Pastoral/Poimenial Leadership
  • Fiducial Leadership (Stewardship)
  • Consensual Leadership
  • Apologetical Leadership
  • Polemical Leadership
  • Prophetic Leadership
  • Didactical Leadership
  • Liberative Leadership
  • Restorative Leadership
  • Absolute Leadership
  • Sacrificial Leadership
  • Sapential Leadership
  • Embassorial Leadership

Out of these, I tend to identify mostly with Episcopal (big picture, looking 2-3 steps down the road, etc) and Consensical (involving others in leadership, team effort, etc.) along with a couple others, perhaps.

We are really looking forward to tomorrow. This is the only class we’ve had where the professor is giving us part of an afternoon off (besides Friday, of course). We’ll have a working lunch then call it a day at 2:00 pm. Some of us are talking about going to watch a movie, perhaps Click or The Lakehouse, both of which Joleen and I want to see, either in the theater or on DVD when they come out in a few months.

Something to look for in the next couple days, weather permitting: I hope to take a couple photos around the campus and
post them here; there’s a great life-size statue of John Wesley in "John Wesley Square," my favorite place on campus.

Well, that’s it for Tuesday. Thanks for reading!

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