“Developing Leadership” Day 5

I’m writing this final reflection on Friday (and the week) on Saturday
afternoon. Yesterday was a very long day; we arrived home last night
around 11:00 pm, slightly more than 9 hours after leaving Asbury.

Class concluded shortly after noon yesterday, after which Joleen and
I went to Subway for lunch with Dr. West to discuss our dissertation
ideas. It was nice to get to know Russell a little better and to get
some direction on our dissertation topics.

At the moment, Joleen is thinking about something along the lines of
teams, small groups, and community. I went into this week thinking
about "spiritual leadership," but during the course of the week began
changing my focus toward something along the lines of developing and
creating a leadership culture in order to experience community
transformation (church and the wider community). Well, this is all
still very much in process!

Yesterday’s final class session began with devotion by a student based on Acts 4.23-31
(a section of scripture I especially like). Then we divided into two
groups for two final team-building activities. We also attempted, as a
class, the exercise that we were unable to do a few days ago (lowering
the hula hoop as a group using only all of our index fingers). We did
better (at least holding it in place a little longer) but we still were
not able to lower it. Oh well.

This week we’ve watched a few clips from the movie Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story (1996). We hope to watch the whole movie soon. It’s a challenging and inspirational story.

Our week of class on campus is over but we now have nearly 3 months
to complete our post-class work which involves writing 17-20 page paper
(more about that later).

Well, thanks for reading along this week. Now it’s time to make
final preparations for worship gatherings tomorrow at 12th Street and
Hope. I hope to see you there!

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