“Sacrifice” (Money Matters, Part 3)

While I believe that most of us really want to be generous, and most of us really do want to honor God with our whole lives (including our money), my guess is that the line for those willing to sacrifice is a lot shorter! I don’t know about you, but the thing that scares me … Read more

Generosity (Money Matters, Part 2)

It’s a question of ownership: Whose money is it, anyway — mine or God’s? If I think it’s mine, I’m going to hang onto it and use it the way that I want to. But if I view it as God’s money, then I will be more likely to use it in ways that honor … Read more

Heart Check (Money Matters, Part 1)

Money is one of the topics we love to avoid the most in the church. But Jesus talked so much about money (more about money than heaven, hell, and prayer combined) so it’s such an important topic that we cannot ignore it! There are basically two views about money – the world’s view and God’s … Read more

Can I Get a Witness? (Acts 29, Part 3)

You can’t talk about Acts without talking about the Holy Spirit, and you can’t talk about the book of Acts without talking to about life change (transformation). Today, we’re going to talk about one more thing that I don’t think you can miss, when talking about the book of Acts: Action. You can’t talk about … Read more