Heart Check (Money Matters, Part 1)

Money is one of the topics we love to avoid the most in the church. But Jesus talked so much about money (more about money than heaven, hell, and prayer combined) so it’s such an important topic that we cannot ignore it!

There are basically two views about money – the world’s view and God’s view. God’s view is that money is a resource to be used to bless others and the world’s view is, well, "Whoever dies with the most toys wins!" My prayer through this series is that God will shake our attitude toward money and that he will change our focus, because I believe that whoever dies with the most toys doesn’t win!

Stewardship is a heart issue so let’s begin with a heart check. It’s easy to get distracted and to lose focus. Money is often the number one point of conflict in marriages. I recently read that, in 2005, the average home (with at least one credit card) had credit card debt of $9,498, and the average college student had $2,800 in credit card debt. In fact, credit card debt is the number one reason college students drop out of college.

Choose your treasure wisely because your heart will follow!

Read Matthew 6.19-34

There are some great statements in this passage: "Your heart will always be where your treasure is" (Matthew 6.21). So choose your treasure wisely!

Interestingly, Jesus points out that GOD and MONEY are at polar opposite ends of the spectrum. "You cannot be the slave of two masters! You will like one more than the other or be more loyal to one than the other. You cannot serve both God and money" (Matthew 6.24). Money will either be a tool to bless the world or it will become a slave master and great distraction!

What’s your diagnosis?
How’s your heart? What are you focused on? What changes do you need to make?

I encourage you this week to spend some time reflecting and praying. What treasure are you storing up in your life? Are you collecting "toys" here on earth or are you storing up treasure in heaven, seeking to honor God with your money?

Pray every day this week, "Lord, I give you my heart. Help me to store up treasure in heaven!"

How much more peaceful would your home be if you didn’t worry about your needs, but trusted God to provide for all of them? What kinds of amazing things would begin to happen in our lives (and in our church) if we stop focusing on collecting and start focusing on contributing?

O God, I give you my heart. Take my heart; take all of me! I have nothing on my own; everything I have is really yours. Help me to use what you give to me in ways that honor you! Amen.

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