Whew! First drafts are in the mail …

Previously, we wrote about our first dissertation-related deadline. We had a little work remaining after the weekend, and we also wanted to read/edit each other’s work before mailing them, so it took a little longer than we had anticipated. It was intense, but it was also a very good first step in the process.

But, today we mailed our first drafts of the first three chapters of our dissertations (i.e. our “proposals”). What a relief!

One thing we’ll mention here is that instead of mailing our proposals to the D.Min. office, we mailed them to our faculty mentor, Dr. Russell West (at his request). This is where having a mentor at this early stage will be very helpful. When we get our work back from Russell in the next couple of weeks, we’ll work on the suggested improvements and then mail them to the D.Min. office. That should help us to be in good shape for the next phase (of preparing the document for our proposal hearing).

Now, a brief word about out topics …

Joleen is studying/developing a model of small group ministry that includes service and outreach as well as Bible study and fellowship.

Randy is studying/developing an approach to shape a leadership culture that will help the church to be more fully engaged in God’s mission.

We’ll take a little breather from the intensity. But, the work goes on and we’ll continue reviewing books and
resources related to our topics. We’ll also work on designing projects (related to our topics) for our ministry
settings. The main goal of the next two to
three months is to improve, expand, and polish our proposals.

2 thoughts on “Whew! First drafts are in the mail …”

  1. Good job getting those proposals in. I mailed mine yesterday. Steve Seamands is my faculty mentor and Mike Voights is my second reader. It sounds like with Dr. Andrews’ role chaning a bit, they are using various people to represent the DMin office. Tony Headly is going to be on my committee. My proposal is to do a study of the Apostles’ Creed, with a pretest/posttest questionaire and some interviews to see if it contributes to spiritual formation. Your topics sound good. I hope all goes well.

    God bless.

  2. Good to hear, John.

    Randy’s hearing has been scheduled for 9/24. We’re still waiting to hear confirmation on Joleen’s. Hopefully, it won’t be too long after!


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