Adoption paperwork

We made a lot of progress on the required paperwork for the adoption process today. The top priority, at this point, is a pre-application to Americans for International Aid & Adoption (AIAA), which basically puts us on a waiting list for a formal application (after a screening process). AIAA is the agency that we have been referred to, to pursue adoption from South Korea. We will continue to work with our local agency, Adoption Horizons, as well.

We also started and/or completed paperwork for the Department of Immigration and Naturalization, child abuse clearances and criminal background checks, and various other items.

Next on the agenda involves scheduling physical exams and obtaining passports. Also, after Immigration processes our paperwork, they will send us a form that we will take to the nearest FBI office to be fingerprinted. This process will certainly be an interesting experience!

The good news, though, is that the amount of paperwork for Korea is less and easier than other nations, for some reason. With everything else going on this year, we’re grateful for that!

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