For the love of it!

On Monday, our district had its annual "day apart with the Bishop." Bishop Jane Allen Middleton talked about the recent results of a leadership tool that all the pastors in the conference completed last fall (including five "observers" for each of us, three people from our congregations, a colleague, and our district superintendent). I may say more about this tool, and my results, later.

But for now, I will share about a DVD that the Bishop showed called, "For the Love of It," by Dewitt Jones, a photographer who has worked for the National Geographic (I didn’t find the DVD on the website; I’m guessing it’s no longer available). I have seen one of his DVDs before, the one called Everyday Creativity (in a class at Asbury). Both were excellent!

I took some notes from the one we saw on Monday, which was essentially about enjoying what we do and doing what we enjoy. The following may or may not be exact quotes …

Do I work out of necessity or for the joy of it?

It’s not about finding a new job; it’s about finding a new way of looking at your job.

Begin each day with a full cup. (Jones’ mother)

Hang out with people who are in love with what they do.

Act as if you love what you do.

A bird sings, not because it has an answer but because it has a song (i.e. don’t worry about making a difference; make a contribution).

When you love what you do, you pass it on (i.e. it’s contagious).

Some of these may not make sense out of context. Feel free to ask questions or offer feedback by clicking on "comments."

My favorite concept from this DVD was the "begin each day with a full cup." This is a great concept that has obvious connections for Christ-followers, and perhaps especially church leaders. We must begin each day with a full cup, which means we must find ways to fill our cups!

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