IMGP0637Sometime last year I talked how small we humans are in the universe. That was driven home to me last October on vacation in Nova Scotia, Canada.

One of the most incredible sites on our trip was the 24 hours we spent in the tiny fishing village of Peggy’s Cove. Even though it was a tiny fishing village, the rocky coast there was both massive and amazing!

It was very easy to feel small on those rocks, just a speck in the universe; in fact, I’m even a speck in the photo posted here. Thinking about how big the universe is leads me to believe that God must be so awesome.

During Lent, I talked about humility and said, “Your view of God will determine how humble you are.” I was thinking about Peggy’s Cove when I crafted that statement. The bigger we realize God is, the smaller we realize we are. Humility is a by-product of our view of God.

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