I have been using mind mapping ever since I read Doug Hall’s book, Jump Start Your Brain several years ago (a great book on creativity). Also, check out this Wikipedia page on mind mapping. Mind mapping is a non-linear approach to brainstorming and note-taking. In other words, instead of starting at the top of the … Read more

Formal Application Submitted

Today we mailed our formal application for adoption! You may recall from a previous post, that we had just learned that a formal application for adoption was being mailed to us. Well, we just completed all of the requirements (application, physical exam forms, and various photos of us and our home). It will go out … Read more

Leaders Who Shape a Missional Culture

The ministry project for Randy’s dissertation. Earlier, we said we’d write more later about our specific ministry projects. In the conversations with Russell West that we wrote about in that post, both of our ministry projects changed. Rather than conducting ministry projects in our local settings, we will now be looking for leaders who are … Read more

Next Year in Wilmore!

Looking forward to graduation one year from today! One year from today, 24 May 2008, is graduation day at Asbury Theological Seminary. As long as we stay on track and complete our dissertations this year, we expect to be in Wilmore, KY one year from today to receive our doctor of ministry degrees! Needless to … Read more

Building Blocks

A great life requires great character! Earlier this year (during the season of Lent), I preached a 6-week sermon series was on “Building Blocks,” the building blocks of great character. In this series I talked about humility, trustability, courage, obedience, endurance, and passion. Here’s a brief synopsis of the series’ main points … Humility: Your … Read more

Reading the Scriptures

The importance of daily Bible reading. There’s a lot of emphasis on reading Scripture. While there’s not a command in the Bible that says, “Thou shalt read the Bible everyday!” I recently came across a couple portions of Scripture that address the importance of reading the Scriptures consistently. In Deuteronomy 17, Moses is preparing the … Read more

“Spider-Man 3”

The third movie in the series has more good life lessons. Yesterday, on our day off, we went to see Spider-Man 3. We enjoyed the movie, and thought it was very well done. We read in a local paper that the movie earned a $100 million profit in its first six days (internationally), and it … Read more

United Methodists Recruit Missionaries

The United Methodist Church expands its ministry around the world! It was recently reported that the United Methodist Church, after cutting some of its missionary efforts in recent years, is re-igniting its missionary recruitment drive. We’re excited about that! As reported, while the UMC continues to decline in the US, it has grown an amazing … Read more

Spiritual Fitness

The journey demands that followers of Jesus stay in shape! In my daily Bible reading yesterday, I finished Deuteronomy. Near the end of the book, at the end of Moses’ life and leadership of the Israelite’s, Moses wrote a song and taught it to the people he was leaving behind. Part of that lengthy song … Read more

Formal Application for Adoption

Got word today that a formal application is in the mail! If you’ve been following our unfolding adoption story over the last few months you may know that the next BIG step in the adoption process is the submission of a formal application to Americans for International Aid & Adoption (AIAA) (we had already submitted … Read more

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