A Little Breather!

Submitted drafts to our mentor today; hoping to submit proposal drafts to D.Min. office next week!

Today, we finally emailed our second drafts to our mentor, Dr. Russell West. Whew!

This latest phase was very challenging. In the last few weeks, it has felt like the project that would never end! But we took a major step today by submitting drafts to our mentor. After getting feedback from Russell, we’re hoping to be ready to submit our “proposal drafts” (assuming only minor revisions!) by the end of next week.

If that’s the case, we’ll be on track to go to Kentucky in mid-to-late August for our proposal hearings. We also hope to schedule in some much needed vacation time then, possibly including a trip to Cleveland, Tennessee, to visit Randy’s family.

In the meantime, we’re moving forward with our proposed projects. Joleen will be contacting some churches to study their small group ministries and Randy will be contacting three leader/communicators who are shaping a missional culture in their ministry settings (see this post for more on Randy’s project).

After navigating the next few weeks of this proposal phase, our next major deadline will be around Thanksgiving. That’s a self-imposed deadline because we want to schedule our dissertation defense hearings on the front end (early January 2008) due to expecting to receive our child sometime around then. If all goes well, we expect to graduate on 05.242008, 324 days from today! 🙂

For now, we’re grateful to God for bringing us through to us to this point and for bringing us through these last few weeks!

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