Giving Away Ministry

Leaders give away ministry! If you follow Luke’s story of early church history in the book of Acts, by the time you reach Acts 6, the church appears to reach an important crossroads. Up to this point the church has been actively involved in mission and has been experiencing tremendous growth. But with the growth … Read more

“Evan Almighty”

Good movie with a message. On July 4th, we went to watch Evan Almighty. Though the movie has received mixed reviews and has not done very well at the box office we both enjoyed the movie and thought it was well done. It was a good movie with a good message. Steve Carell, who play … Read more

A Little Breather!

Submitted drafts to our mentor today; hoping to submit proposal drafts to D.Min. office next week! Today, we finally emailed our second drafts to our mentor, Dr. Russell West. Whew! This latest phase was very challenging. In the last few weeks, it has felt like the project that would never end! But we took a … Read more