Fasting is an overlooked ancient spiritual discipline that helps Christ-followers grow spiritually.

I grew up in a tradition where fasting was an observed discipline. I grew up hearing stories of men and women who fasted, anywhere from one day to days at a time. In recent years, Joleen and I have been practicing the Wesley Fast, which involves fasting following the Thursday evening meal until mid-afternoon on Friday.

There are other ways to fast, of course, including the Daniel Fast, which is essentially a 21-day partial fast. To begin this year, Ed Young, lead pastor of Fellowship Church, taught a series on fasting and led the church in observing the Daniel Fast.

We are interested in the Daniel Fast, and are currently planning when/how we will do so. It’s also possible I/we will do it along with a sermon series and lead my/our congregations in the discipline as well. I could do this to begin 2008, or if I wanted to do it earlier, could do it in conjunction with “back-to-school” time (both of these times are fresh starts).

If you attend one of the churches Joleen and I serve, we’d like to hear from you about how interested you are in this becoming a church-wide observance. We’d also be interested in comments from those outside the area.

Stay tuned!

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