Adventure Guides’ Prayer Map

A prayer guide for those who lead others on adventures.

About a year and a half ago, two of the three churches I was leading at the time (Alexandria and Barree UMCs) united to form one new congregation (Hope UMC). During the two-year process leading up to the merger, the leadership team did a lot of talking and praying.

At one point, I developed a 7-day prayer guide as a way for our leaders to unite in prayer for our future. It was called a “prayer map” because I include a graphic of a topographical map of the local area on the prayer guide. I thought I’d post it here for other “adventure guides,” who may be leading various kinds of missions in the world …

Sunday :: Honor
Pray that our words, actions, and witness in the world will honor God!

Monday :: Missional
Pray that our mission will be Christ-centered and Spirit-led! Pray that as many of us as possible will have a clear sense of mission and that everything we are and everything we do flows out of our sense of mission.

Tuesday :: Leaders
Pray for the leadership team. Pray that we follow Christ first, then lead others. Pray that we lead well, with integrity, with servants’ hearts, and that we continually learn, grow and stretch throughout the process!

Wednesday :: Community
Pray that we become a place where people want to be, a place where people can find acceptance and wholeness, a place where people find spiritual fulfillment, a place where people are equipped and released for ministry in the world!

Thursday :: Courage
Pray that we will be strong and courageous, dressed in God’s armor, and that we will be willing to risk it all for the sake of Christ!

Friday :: Provision
Pray that God will provide all that is needed to accomplish our God-given mission — operatives (you’ll probably see this word used more and more on this blog), finances, strength, wisdom, and creativity!

Saturday :: World
Pray not only for our local context but also the world beyond us, especially for people who are not yet followers of Jesus Christ! Pray that they will come to know and experience God’s love through Jesus Christ!

I hope this prayer guide is helpful for you on your missional journey!

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