Have Passports, Will Travel

passportsWe just received our passports so that we can travel to Korea when the time comes to pick up our child. With changes at the borders with Canada and Mexico, we were not sure how long it would take to get our passports (there had been a backlog as widely reported in the media). Thankfully, though, it only took us about two months to receive our passports.

We still don’t know exactly when we will travel to Korea to pick up our child, but we were told today by our adoption agency that it could be late winter/early spring with a referral coming (possibly/probably) by Christmas. Upon referral, we expect to travel to Korea about 3.5 months later.

We’re looking forward to our trip to Korea. The trip will also count as part of our cross cultural experience, a required part of our Doctor of Ministry program at Asbury Theological Seminary. As such, we plan to go a little early to experience the culture. We can hardly wait.

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