Proposal Hearings Completed

We both received “provisional passes” on our proposal hearings.

As you may know, we were at Asbury in Kentucky this week for our long-anticipated proposal hearings. We both received provisional passes, which basically means that we’ve been given the green light to move forward on our dissertation work but that we both need to further develop our field research design (before moving ahead).

We will be using a fairly new research method called Appreciative Inquiry (AI). We need to develop a better understanding of AI and how we will use it in our upcoming field research, which we hope to begin soon after vacation.

On Monday morning, Randy met with his dissertation committee (mentor Russell West, second reader Chris Kiesling, and DMin team representative Milton Lowe). On Wednesday morning, Joleen met with her dissertation committee (mentor Russell West, second reader Stephen Martyn, and DMin team representative Tony Headley). Both sessions were very productive in helping us refine the focus and direction of our work.

Now our attention largely turns to the field research. Our goal is to submit defense-ready drafts to our mentor (Russell) by the end of December or mid-January so that we will have some time for pre-defense editing/polishing work. The exciting thing is that we’re entering the final months of this process; the scary thing is, we’re entering the final months of this process! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Proposal Hearings Completed”

  1. Hey Randy!

    Would you mind sharing with me the agency you used for your adoption? It sounds like it has gone very smoothly for you.

    It looks like our Guatemala adoption is falling apart. All agencies (ours included as of today) are ceasing adoptions from there for the foreseeable future because of the Hague convention. I’d be interested in learning about the agency you’ve used as we have also looked at Korea as an option.


  2. Hey, Bill. Sorry to hear that. We have some friends who are in process of adopting from Guatemala as well. We knew there were concerns about the future (because of the Hague Convention) but we haven’t heard anything recently.

    Our local adoption agency (our homestudy agency) is Adoption Horizons in Carlisle, PA: They have our highest recommendation!

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


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