His name will be called …

ethanquinnAfter a lot of deliberation, we have finally settled on a name for Baby Willis. That’s a good thing, because as someone pointed out to us, he probably wouldn’t want to be called Baby Willis forever. 🙂

Anyway, his name will be called: Ethan Quinn. The photo here was taken when he was almost 5 months old (late October).

In the latest report, he was described as “a very busy little guy … he likes to bounce.” According to the email we received, his foster mother describes him as “easygoing” as well as active. He was also described as “a very sociable little guy.”

Last week, our adoption agency received the legal documents to file for immigration. In about 6 weeks, we expect to receive recognition that the baby is an “immediate relative.” That will finish up everything on our end. Then it will be a matter of Korea issuing the child a visa, at which point, we will be cleared to go to Korea to pick up our child, possibly (in/around) February.

Since Ethan will not be here for Christmas, we *may* leave up our Christmas tree until after he arrives. Also, we will not be mailing out Christmas cards (along with our annual personal newsletter) until after we return from Korea. In that newsletter, we expect to report on Ethan and his transition into our home (as well as a report on finishing up our dissertations and graduation in May, but that’s another story!).

2 thoughts on “His name will be called …”

  1. Ethan Quinn is a great name. Bob and I will keep you in our prayers and if I had my way our Christmas Tree would stay up all year. It seems around this time of the year attitudes become more the way Jesus taught us to be.
    Ethan is very lucky to have you as parents.

    Good luck and Good night.


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