Pray for Tricia

Tricia Lawrenson, wife of Nathan Lawrenson, who is the son of Rick Lawrenson, lead pastor of Nags Head Church (a great church to visit when vacationing at the Outer Banks of North Carolina). We’ve attended Nags Head Church once and have shared a couple meals with Rick and his wife Gail. Other than that, most of our interaction takes place through an online forum for pastors.

Tricia, who is 24 weeks pregnant, needs our prayers as she also battles Cystic Fibrosis. The good news is, 24 weeks happens to be the minimum length of time that a baby can survive outside the womb, but the reality is, she and baby (and family) need God’s intervention and help.

You can follow Tricia’s journey at Nate’s blog. And we especially encourage you to check out Tricia’s latest prayer requests.

O God, we surround Tricia and Nate and the baby with our prayers, and we ask you to overwhelm them with your loving-yet-incredibly-powerful presence. Walk with them through the coming days, weeks, and months, and when they feel like they can’t take another step, please hold them and carry them. Thank you for this family, Lord; they are your servants. Please watch over them, God, and work in their lives in ways that they, and others who witness your acts, will spend the rest of their lives talking about! Amen.

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