Almost There!

We just received the notice of approval of relative immigrant visa petition from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is the *final* step in the process on our end. Now, we’re just waiting for Korea to grant approval for the baby to travel. Once that happens, we will be informed that he’s ready and we can travel to Korea to pick him up.

This approval arrived much earlier than we expected, about 3 weeks earlier, in fact. Surprisingly, it only USCIS about a week and a half to grant approval (and the notice is dated Sunday, 12.30.2007, no less)!

We have a strange feeling, because up to this point, we’ve had steps to check off our list when they were completed. But now there are no more steps. The next call will be a call saying come and get him!

We don’t really know how long it will take Korea to finish up on their end. It could be a couple weeks, or it could still be sometime in February (as we’ve been expecting). But we wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the call comes early!

A constant prayer throughout this process (especially now as it winds down) is for God’s perfect timing. That prayer is never more important than it is now as we try complete our dissertations before going to get our little boy!

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