What’s God up to?

In my journal this morning, I wrote a prayer related to the time crunch we’re currently facing. We are expecting to receive a call to go to Korea to pick up our baby anytime within the next few weeks AND we are actively (frantically?) working toward finishing the first complete, 5-chapter rough draft of our dissertations.

Our hope is that we can submit our drafts to our mentor about a week from now, which would give us a few/several weeks for edits/polishing. Somewhere in the middle of that process, however, we’ll make a trip to Korea to begin a new journey that will, no doubt, create changes in our lives, and throw an interesting twist into the mix of our graduation timeline.

In light of all this, I prayed the following prayer this morning …

While it seems a bit crazy, Lord, to undertake an adoption process while writing dissertations, we believe, O God, that we have followed your leading. We believe that you have had us at Asbury to further our spiritual and leadership development and that you will even use our current work to make a difference somehow in the cause of your kingdom! We also believe that you had a child created especially for us. And  because you have shown yourself faithful to us in the past, we believe that you will finish what you have started in a way that strengthens our faith and brings you glory. Amen.

Not sure what God’s going to do. But I look forward to it!

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