Sleepless in Pennsylvania

A few weeks ago, someone asked me if we were able to sleep due to thinking about our upcoming adoption. I said we weren’t having any trouble sleeping.

Thankfully, we’ve not really had too much of a problem sleeping. Even when I was going through the worst of the merger process with Alexandria, Barree, and Petersburg, I don’t really recall losing too much, if any, sleep (unless I just don’t remember it).

However, since we got the call on Tuesday, I have had trouble sleeping at night. I’m not thinking about anything in particular (although last night I was thinking about writing a post called, “Sleepless in Pennsylvania” — so hopefully some good will come out of my time awake!), I think I’m just wired.

Or maybe I’m getting used to Korean time, which is 14 hours ahead of us by being awake when it’s nighttime here!

Anyway, as I wrote in my last post, we are preparing to go to Korea. In fact, we’re hoping to finalize travel arrangements today. We’ll post our plans when they’re set!

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