It’s Time!

ethanquinn4The call from our adoption agency (informing us that our baby is legally ready for travel) came in this morning at 11:12 am!

Now, it’s time to pull out our list-of-things-to-do-after-the-call-comes and get to work on it! While we have not yet finalized arrangements, we expect to travel to Korea sometime next week.

Frankly, we are blown away by God’s sense of timing, and perhaps even God’s sense of humor!

As you may recall (if you’ve been following our adoption journey), that we received the referral of a baby boy while we were at a major point in our dissertation-writing process just over 4 months ago. In fact, we were at Asbury for our proposal hearings when the call came (it came the day between each of our hearings!).

Since then, we’ve been working hard to get our last two chapters done, which has been the number 1 task (and stressor!) on our To-Do list for the last 4 months. We really wanted to get our drafts submitted before going to Korea. And, amazingly, we just emailed drafts of our final two chapter to our mentor yesterday!

Coincidence? We don’t think so. We take it as assurance from God that he is leading us through this incredible process every step of the way!

At first, we thought we might try to go to Korea ASAP (i.e. this week). However, it turns out Korea will be celebrating the Lunar New Year next week and the Social Welfare Society office that we’ll be working with will close on 5 February 2008 and will reopen on 11 February 2008. We’re currently in the process of figuring out what this holiday will do to our travel plans (as well as coordinating our cross-cultural experience with Rev. Jun). It will delay our plans a bit, but we’re not sure how long, at the moment.

Well, that’s the big breaking news we’ve been waiting for. Check back for more on this story as it develops over the next few days. We expect to post a good bit before, during, and after our trip to Korea.

Oh, in case you’re wondering how we’re doing. Let me put it this way: I am psyched. Joleen is a basket case! 😀

10 thoughts on “It’s Time!”

  1. great news randy and joleen! you will be in my prayers as you make this trip to get ethan. have fun.
    god bless you three
    jo anna

  2. You are in our prayers and know that God will give all three of you a safe trip home. We are so excited for you and your new family. Ding and I are so happy for you. Now we need to have a shower and not one of rain, gifts and praises.
    Peggy & Ding

  3. Hey! Joleen and Randy super news You guys are on our pray lists . will be following close as your journey continues Barb Troxell

  4. Congratulations! God has such wonderful timing doesn’t He! We are so excited for you and look forward to hearing more about your adventure. We anxiously await to see the three of you together. Blessings to you and we are praying for travel mercies for you all.

  5. I simply praise God for you both and for Ethan. I thank God for the privilege of sharing this part of your journey with you. Please know you all are in my thoughts and prayers as you travel and get Ethan into your arms!!

  6. Thanks so much for your kind comments and sharing in our excitement! We are so blessed! God has surely made his presence and guidance known throughout this time in our lives.

  7. I can hardly say a word . This is such a stirring of the Soul. Love you guys can’t wait to ethan. God be with you and bless your family in the transition just as he’s been thus far. Love In Christ.

    Barb troxell


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