Monday is Finally Here!

Yesterday was a long day. Our host/driver from Holy Flames picked us up at the guest house at 7:30 am and we spent much of the day at his church.

Around 3:30 pm, he handed us off to our guides/hosts at Kwanglim, who gave us a church tour, took us to dinner, then dropped us off at the guest house around 7:30 pm, completing an amazing 12-hour day.

Joleen took on the difficult task of trying to summarize Saturday and Sunday (we’re running out of time to process everything!) at the end of the long day. We will try to post more reflections on our cross-cultural experience in the days to come.

Anyway, Joleen also posted before we went to bed that Monday’s Getting Closer. Well, Monday is finally here!

We went to bed by 10:00 pm, and while we set the alarm for 7:00 am (hoping, but not really expecting, to get some extra sleep!), we’ve both been awake since around 4:00 am, processing stuff, and of course, thinking about what it will be like to finally meet Ethan.

Lots of Questions
What will it be like to meet our baby? What will meeting him be like for us? What will it be like for him? Will any, or all, of us be scared? Will we get choked up? Will any of us cry? Will Ethan wonder what’s going on? Will we wonder what in the world we’ve gotten ourselves into?

What will it be like leaving his foster family’s home after spending time with Ethan? What will it be like to not see him again until we pick him up on Thursday morning on the way to the aiport (assuming this will be our only visit)?

Lots of questions swirling through our minds this morning. Later today, we’ll try to give some kind of sense of what the day’s been like.

It’s shortly after 7:30 am here, so we’re just a couple hours away from seeing Ethan! Thanks for sharing this incredible experience with us!

4 thoughts on “Monday is Finally Here!”

  1. It is 6:30 pm here, which means you will be meeting your son in 90 minutes!! 🙂 We cannot wait to hear how everything goes when you see Ethan for the first time. Today has been very cold with a lot of blowing snow. God Bless you on this momentous day. Love and prayers to all!

  2. hi there,
    well it is almost time for you to meet ethan, wow this is a great moment for you.
    who held him first, who cried. yes will be hard to leave him and wait again a few more days.
    hope all goes well today
    god bless the three of you!
    jo anna

  3. You all will probably be scared and will all cry. Tears of joy for the two of you. What have you gotten into? A lifetime of love – good times, not so good times, and on and on – all part of being parents. I have been watching the clock all evening and reminding Steve how long it will be until you meet Ethan. Know that many prayers are coming your way.

  4. Thank you all so much! 😎

    We’re heading out for lunch in a few minutes to process the morning, and think through the next few days! We’ll post more afterward.


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