Mirror Fascination

One of the things I was fascinated by while we were in Korea was the special mirrors that were on many of the vehicles, mirrors I’d never seen before (see photos below).

And there’s a good reason for these mirrors — in the second largest metropolitan area in the world (with nearly 4 times as many people per square kilometer as New York City), there’s a need to make the most of the extra space in driving and/or parking.

We didn’t drive while we were in Korea, but we were in several vehicles driven by other people. We saw drivers get through some tight squeezes we never thought we would get through. They parked in places I never would have even attempted. Thus, the reason for these extra mirrors.

We came away thinking you’d have to have ice in your veins to drive in Seoul. One woman, one of our guides (and interpreter) at Kwanglim Methodist Church, who went to college in Australia and worked in Canada and recently returned to Seoul, told us that people say if you can drive in Seoul, you can drive anywhere!

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