Pray for Ethan!

We would appreciate your prayers for our family’s health, especially that Ethan doesn’t get what we had last night!

Joleen and I had the flu last night. My case of it was pretty severe — it was the sickest I’ve ever been. I spent 6 straight hours in the bathroom.

Thankfully, though, Ethan seems to be well, so far.

Our first full day home, I woke up around 7:00 am, after 10 hours of sleep, and wrote the four posts on the blog (while both Joleen and Ethan slept till around 2:00 pm) that I scheduled to appear every few hours, including one this morning. I had no ability to write a post this morning! 🙂

Overall, today was a good day with Ethan, even though Joleen and I laid around on couches most of the day. Ethan does pretty well with entertaining himself. Mostly, he likes to grab on to things (e.g. end tables, TV stands, anything!) and pull himself up. As he was once described by his caseworker in Korea, “He’s a very active little guy.”

The roughest things for Ethan now are the times he wakes up during the night. That’s when we hear his terrified crying. While he normally gets up once during the night (according to his foster mother), he’s been up three times so far tonight, and we have several hours to go before he gets up. But, during the day, he laughs a lot, and seems to be adjusting well.

Anyway, pray that Ethan doesn’t get what we had!

2 thoughts on “Pray for Ethan!”

  1. We pray that you and Joleen are feeling better and that Ethan does not become ill. Also hoping and praying that the nights become more restful for everyone there sooner rather than later. Thank you again for keeping everyone so well informed before, during, and after your trip to Korea. Ethan looked right at home in his crib 😉 We all miss you at church and can’t wait to meet Ethan one of these Sundays.


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