The Rest of the (Legal) Story

While our story, our journey, as a family is just getting started with Ethan, we thought you might like to know what the rest of the legal process entails for us.

Over the next few months, our caseworker from Adoption Horizons will make three post-placement visits (our first one is scheduled in about two weeks). And, then, in about six months, our adoption of Ethan will be finalized in a court session (that’s also where the name we’ve given him will become official).

As part of the adoption process, Ethan will receive an “amended Pennsylvania birth certificate.” He will also be granted US citizenship.

So, while Ethan is now part of our family, and the rest of the process should mostly be a formality, it’s not final yet, legally. But, the adoption should be final in about 6 months.

2 thoughts on “The Rest of the (Legal) Story”

  1. oh the dreaded trip to the doctor. I think you did very well & glad to hear Ethan did well. I used to think I didn’t know who it hurt more. lol We are so glad to hear how well things are going and knowing that God does hear your prayers. Ethan is so blessed to have such loving parents.
    Love is all you need!

  2. So, Glad to hear that he is a happy & healthy little boy. Reading your bloggs will come in handy when it’s our turn to do all this fun stuff too. Hope that your having lots of fun. Take care


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