To Grandmother’s House We Go

We have been intentional about getting Ethan to know his Grandma and Pappy Flaugh (Joleen’s mom and step-dad) who live within 30 minutes of us. We have been back and forth for a couple of visits. Yesterday, we spent part of the afternoon at their home and had dinner with them. Ethan is warming up to them. He let both of them hold him some today.

Here’s proof …

5 thoughts on “To Grandmother’s House We Go”

  1. That’s quite a shot with Ethan and your mom — I believe he has a fan there! I am loving being a grandmother and I know Shirley will make the most of it. It will be special having her and Paul within driving distance. I am hoping and praying that Ethan’s rough times will soon fade away. I am proud of all the hard work you and Randy have done with regard to your studies and your service to others. I know your dad would be so proud of you, too. God is good….


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