Cabin Fever

As noted in one of our last posts, after mailing our dissertation defense drafts, we experienced some more “firsts” with Ethan. Yesterday (Monday) was a gorgeous day with mild temperatures and we couldn’t wait to break out the new stroller (which you may have seen here)!

randydrivingethanSince we were in State College already to copy and mail our drafts, we found a nice residential sidewalk to test-drive the new Jeep stroller. Ethan just laid back and enjoyed the ride. This is the first we were out for a walk since we were in Seoul, so it was a welcome activity for all three of us.

Afterward, we decided to try eating out together for the first time. We went to Backyard Burgers, figuring fast food was the way to go. The first thing I did was head into the restroom with Ethan for a diaper change. The “screamer” made an appearance. From start to finish of the diaper change he cried at the top of his lungs!

willisesatbybRandy was ordering while I took on this task. I emerged from the restroom and asked, “Did you hear him?” His response was that he had oh so clearly, as well as everyone else. Thankfully, the rest of our dining experience was a pleasant one (Randy and I had the Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich with seasoned fries Ethan had some baby food — you may notice the remnants on his face in the photo), so we’ll probably eat out again sometime. 🙂

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