Today, Ethan enjoyed posing for some pictures in one of his neat outfits that he got at the baby shower at Faith.

IMG_0501The first time we met Ethan at the foster family’s home we noticed how he liked to pose for the camera. And we took a lot of shots that day! But following The Takeaway he seemed a little camera shy (e.g. see the photo we posted earlier today, which was taken a couple weeks ago).

In some cases, Ethan would see the camera and start to cry. In fact, we wanted to take photos during our long trip home, but we didn’t want to do anything to push him over the edge.

IMG_0505Today, it seems the camera-ready little guy is back! We sat him down on the chair and he was ready to be on the move and crawl off, until he saw the camera. Then he sat still and posed. We didn’t even have to coax him to smile!

We are grateful for every stride that Ethan is making!

1 thought on “Smile”

  1. As Joleen said, we quickly noticed that Ethan enjoys having his picture taken. One of my first thoughts in Korea when I pulled out the camera, though, was that he liked the camera, itself!

    Ethan loves to get his hands on everything (in fact, we especially have to guard the remote controls these days!). I think he would love to get his hands — or his mouth — on our camera! 😀


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