Today marks one month since our return from Korea. How time is flying by. And Ethan continues to make great strides!

Yesterday, Ethan met my Uncle Dan and Aunt Judy. At their home, we noticed that he was slobbering more than usual. After we left, we discovered that a top front tooth broke through (in addition to his two bottom teeth)!

Today, we made our annual trek to H&R Block in Roaring Spring where Susie has been preparing our taxes for the last several years. We wondered how Ethan would handle it. It turns out that our concerns were unnecessary.

At H&R Block, Ethan made himself right at home. After being cautious at Dan and Judy’s yesterday, not venturing too far away, today he roamed around taking in the sights and meeting new people. All the employees (and a few of their clients) made over him, and he loved every minute of it!

Carol, the owner of the Roaring Spring H&R Block (a fellow United Methodist) has been following our journey to get Ethan and was anxious to meet the little guy. In fact, she posted a comment on behalf of the H&R Block employees last September when we announced our referral. She came in and scooped him up and carried him off to meet some other people. And Ethan was fine!

This week we have been taking note that Ethan is standing for a second or two without holding on to anything. Today, at H&R Block, he stood for what seemed like an eternity! It was probably more like 15-20 seconds. I’ve been saying we need to get a picture. We better get it quick, before he moves on and takes his first step!

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  1. Hey all!
    Gram(Judy) called me yesterday and told me that you two stopped in. She said Ethan is sooooo cute. We can’t wait to see him now.


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