How We Got Here

Not everyone may be aware of how pastoral appointments are made in the United Methodist Church (UMC), so we thought we’d share briefly a little bit about the process we’ve gone through in the last couple of weeks. In the UMC, bishops (and district superintendents) have the responsibility of making pastoral appointments. In our conference, … Read more

More Transition

We’ve experienced a lot of change in recent weeks/months — bringing home a baby from Korea and becoming parents, and finishing our dissertations, and completing our doctor of ministry programs. If that wasn’t enough transition for one year, we’re throwing in some more. As we announced this morning in our worship services, we are moving … Read more

“Disciples Transforming the World”

You may have seen my post earlier this week about General Conference 2008. The UMC is providing an opportunity to stay tuned in to what’s happening at a website devoted to the quadrennial event: An important part of General Conference is the Laity Address. This year, 60 manuscripts were submitted by various Conference Lay … Read more

Brainwashing Baby

One day, I caught Joleen holding Ethan in front of her daily-fix-machine. Fortunately, the camera was nearby. 😆

General Conference 2008

Delegates from all across the United Methodist Church have gathered in Fort Worth, Texas for 10 days of “holy conferencing” under the slogan of “A Future with Hope.” The UMC’s General Conference takes place every four years. Please pray that God’s Spirit will be evident at General Conference 2008. You can follow the events of … Read more

Striving Forward

Ethan continues to make great strides forward managing to amaze us. Sunday, April 20 was our first Sunday back to our churches. Randy left a little after 8:00. I dropped Ethan off at Dick and Joann’s at 8:30 and went on to my first service at 9:00. Joann and Dick took Ethan to Faith at … Read more

Day at Greenwood Furnace

A couple of weeks ago, on one of the earlier nice spring days, we spent an afternoon at an area state park, Greenwood Furnace. Here are a few images from the day …

Successful Defenses

Good news: we both successfully defended our dissertations! Over the course of 84 hours, we drove to and from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY (nearly 20 hours roundtrip), and met with our dissertation committees: Randy met with Russell West (mentor), Chris Kiesling (second reader), and Milton Lowe (D.Min. team representative). Joleen met Russell West … Read more


Ever since we brought Ethan home 9 weeks ago, we’ve wondered how this trip to Kentucky would go, mainly because Ethan doesn’t always handle the car seat very well. But Ethan traveled surprisingly well. He got a little tired and fussy toward the end, but that was understandable — it was a long trip, and … Read more