Ever since we brought Ethan home 9 weeks ago, we’ve wondered how this trip to Kentucky would go, mainly because Ethan doesn’t always handle the car seat very well.

But Ethan traveled surprisingly well. He got a little tired and fussy toward the end, but that was understandable — it was a long trip, and a long time to spend trapped in the car seat. Thankfully, the trip didn’t take us much longer than it normally does.

However, while we focused so much on the drive here, what we did not expect was how Ethan would react to a strange hotel room.

After we arrived at the Asbury Inn, we went for a walk. By the time we got back to our room it was Ethan’s bed time (which we sometimes refer to as EBT).

We gave Ethan his bottle and tried to put him in the pack-and-play crib, but he resisted and cried — loudly. As it turned out, he fought sleep (amazingly well, I might add) for the next 3 hours. We finally put him in bed between us (at home, he always sleeps in his crib).

Ethan had a short, restless night. He tossed and turned a lot — it was rather dangerous as we both took shots to the body by Ethan’s flailing feet and hands.

I think I got about 5 hours of interrupted sleep, then had to get up and review/prepare for my dissertation defense, which thankfully was scheduled for the afternoon (we plan to report on both defense hearings Friday or Saturday).

Today, Ethan did pretty well, but as EBT neared, he began to fight sleep again. Fortunately, though, he went to sleep (in our bed) a little earlier tonight (10:30 pm).

The experience here reminds us that Ethan is still in transition. Though he is doing incredibly well, “the takeaway” has left a mark (whether he remembers it or not). While we expect him to grow healthier in time, it will take a lot of love, understanding, and patience on our part, especially when we experience an occasional setback.

Well, we need a good night’s rest tonight — Joleen’s dissertation defense is scheduled for 9:00 am and we will be driving home after lunch.

Here are a few images from Asbury …

Ironically, I remembered today that the last time we were here, we learned that this little guy existed and was going to be ours. As we wrap up this part of our journey, this place holds a special place in our hearts. As challenging as the last 24 hours have been, we’re glad Ethan gets to experience this place with us (assuming the rest of the night doesn’t go too badly 🙂 ).

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  1. Hello,
    Ann is here visiting and we went on a tour of the pix of all of you. Ethan has grown so much since he came home to PA. We both agree that he is terribly cute and that you have a very special family. Everyone looks happy and we are happy for you!
    Rach and Ann


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