Got Milk?

Sometime ago, a local dairy farmer/parishioner was in our home and noticed the gallon of milk in our refrigerator–something that is the norm in our house, so I didn’t think a thing about its presence, and was surprised that she had noticed! (Probably it’s like me, a pastor, going into someone’s home and noticing their Bible on the coffee table!)

IMG_0590Well, the latest dairy news is that we now not only have one gallon of skim milk, but a half gallon of whole milk–Ethan is now drinking milk! At Ethan’s doctor appointment last Wednesday, Dr. Ettenger suggested Ethan begin drinking an ounce of whole milk 3-4 times/day (4 ounces/day). In a month, he can go to 8 ounces/day.

I have been anticipating this day, so I can begin to indulge and have whole milk in my coffee if I want!

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