Our First WordPress Upgrade

Back in mid-January, we moved our blog from Typepad to a WordPress-powered site (hosted at Dreamhost), which we wrote about here.

WordPress updated their software earlier this week, so in the near future, we will be upgrading to the new version (2.5). Actually, if it wasn’t for dissertation work this week, it would’ve already been done!

Normally, we wouldn’t even mention the upgrade (you won’t notice the difference), but we are for a couple reasons …

  1. This will be our first upgrade, so we’re not exactly sure how it will go. 🙂
  2. Also, we may be changing the way we post photos/images on the blog, which may take us some time to get that part of the process working properly.

We don’t expect any real downtime for the blog; the actual upgrade should be fairly easy (Dreamhost has a one-click installer, so the actual upgrade shouldn’t take very long).

But changing the way our blog handles photos will be a chore.

Bottom-line: The blog should be available (barring complications), but the photos may not appear until we get the new process sorted out.

When will the upgrade take place? It depends on dissertation work, Ethan’s sleep schedule, and my energy level. I should be able to do it sometime after we mail our defense drafts on Monday (with God’s help!), if not before. Unless I decide to wait for the release of 2.5.1 to fix the bugs found in 2.5. 🙂

Well, for what it’s worth, we’re very pleased with WordPress and we’re looking forward to checking out version 2.5, which looks to be a pretty significant upgrade.

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