Happy Birthday, Ethan!

Ethan turned 1 year old on Sunday, June 8, 2008.

We celebrated Ethan’s birthday at Grandma’s house along with family and friends. The highlight of the day was watching Ethan dig into his first birthday cake (see photos below)!

This is a good time to remember the gift Ethan is to us — how God guided our steps throughout our inquiry into the possibility of adoption and the decision-making process, the choice between domestic or international adoption, the selection of an adoption agency, the application process, choosing a country from which to adopt, to name part of the process.

Beyond all of the decisions that we had to make, God’s hand has clearly been upon this entire journey. God worked out all the details according to his timetable — granting us a referral at the time of our dissertation proposal hearings, reaching the final step in the process at the time we completed the first draft of our last two chapters of our dissertations which cleared the way for us to make travel plans to Korea to welcome Ethan into our family, and still leaving us just enough time to complete our revisions and defenses in order to graduate in May 2008.

What an adventure this has been and, with God’s help, will continue to be!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ethan!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Ethan! Our firstborn, Joshua, celebrated his 13th birthday on June 8th – isn’t that neat?!

  2. Awww!
    Tell Ethan a happy birthday from the whole gang. I was going to call you but I was soooo busy on Sunday.
    Love ya all!!!!

  3. Thanks for the good wishes & first-birthday tips, Ethan! I really enjoyed playing with you at Conference. My mommy didn’t let me have nearly as messy a cake at my party as you got…she’s no fun. But she & Daddy did let me eat egg today, so we have that in common! I welcome any other pointers you have for me. Happy Birthday!


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