Ethan’s 1-year Doctor Appointment

The one-year doctor appointment is not fun. It means at least four shots, one in each leg, one in each arm. This was on top of Ethan having a slight cold (cough and runny nose).

I think we were all worn out from Annual Conference and then we came home from air conditioned buildings to a sweltering house. We broke out the window air conditioners on Sunday and the first night we had Ethan’s room too cold. (We weren’t going to get out the air conditioners … here we are, we’re supposed to be packing, and we are unpacking stuff! But we didn’t think we could stand to pack in the heat.)

After Wednesday’s appointment, Ethan was quite fussy. The first couple of hours of the night he was waking every 15-20 minutes. We finally gave him some Children’s Tylenol, hoping to ease his aches.

The worse thing of the appointment was talking about our move, which Dr. Ettenger described as a “trauma,” similar to that of the death of a parent. Not exactly the words of assurance we were looking for. 🙂

However, Dr. Ettenger continued to explain that while Ethan will lose most of what has become familiar around him (not to mention that he just went through this a mere four months ago), he will still have his primary caregivers (mom and dad) with him!

Ultimately our assurance is from God. We trust that this move is God’s will and he will provide everything we need!

This was Ethan’s last appointment with Dr. Ettenger due to the move. We deeply appreciate Dr. Ettenger’s work with us and Ethan over the course of the last few months. At one point he said, “I don’t need to tell you, you are doing a good job.” Those sure are reassuring words for new parents to hear. Everyone needs a “That a boy!” every now and then. And we send one to Dr. Ettenger, too.

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