The Missing Slideshow

Ethan was baptized Sunday (we’ll say more about that in another post). We intended to include a slideshow presentation at the beginning of the service, showing photos from the last 4 months. Unfortunately, I was not able to get it to work.

I’m not exactly sure what was wrong. My Apple PowerBook detected the projector, but apparently the projector didn’t get the message (I used this projector last fall at “community day,” but with a different cable). I should have conducted a trial run the day before and/or allowed more time beforehand (time was short due to Sunday morning activities and having family from Tennessee with us).

Anyway, we were extremely disappointed that it didn’t work; it would have been a good segue into Ethan’s baptism service. We invested a good bit of time on the presentation (on the slideshow plus shopping at Best Buy stores in Altoona AND in State College to get the necessary cables to connect the projector to Faith’s sound system so that the accompanying soundtrack could be played through the system).

A number of people got to see the slideshow during the fellowship time after the service on my laptop. And thanks to the latest version of Keynote, an Apple presentation application that I used to create the slideshow, I was able to send the slideshow to YouTube and then post it here.

I love the slide transitions available in Keynote (you’ll see a few of them in this slideshow). My favorite transition, and the single most biggest reason we were disappointed that it didn’t work Sunday, is the final photo and subsequent “droplet” transition (water ripple effect), which was intended to be a good lead-in to the baptism service.

BTW, I left the soundtrack out of the slideshow on YouTube (due to copyright), but you can preview or buy/download the song here at (see lyrics below).

β€œYou’ve Given Life to Me”
(The Praise Baby Collection)

You are my hope, you are my light.
You are the way, the truth, and the life.
You have created all I can see and
You’ve given life to me. You’ve given life to me.

Though you are God, you became man
Walked here beside us so we’d understand.
All you created, all we can be
Lord, you have set us free. Lord, you have set us free.

And we praise you. And we praise you.
And we love you. And we love you.

4 thoughts on “The Missing Slideshow”

  1. Hey Randy . . . just wondering about your beliefs on child baptism. Is this a form of child dedication or does it signify more?

    Great video! I would have loved seen it with the music. πŸ™‚ It is amazing how quickly they change, eh?

  2. Yes, Ethan has developed a lot in the 4 months he’s been in our lives!

    Re: baptizing children, there’s an FAQ on the site that tries to address that question:

    Basically, the emphasis is on God’s action, rather than the person’s action.

    I wrote more, but I think I’ll hang on to it until I see what Joleen writes in her upcoming post about Ethan’s baptism. πŸ™‚

  3. I really enjoyed the slideshow–Ethan has grown so much in the short time he’s been a Pennsylvanian! I’m sure you two have “grown” a lot, too …. I hope that your move goes well. It’s always tough to make a big change like that, but when you know it is part of God’s plan, it’s a little easier to handle. Love to all..


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