The Move 2.0

Picking up where I left off in The Move 1.0, we arrived in Clearfield just before 6:30 am, Thursday, and the movers showed up a few minutes later.

Overall, it was a pretty smooth day of unloading.

But the tragic news of the day here in Clearfield took place at Trinity UMC, where a shooting occurred in Trinity’s basement (at about the time we arrived in Clearfield, ourselves).

The incident is being covered by several media outlets: The Progress News, The Altoona Mirror, and WTAJ TV. According to these reports, the latest news (as of this post) is the shooting victim has died and the shooter later shot himself (after a confrontation with police) and is listed in critical condition.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of those involved as well as everyone in the community who’s been touched by this tragic occurrence!

Aside from the news of the day, we are glad to have the move behind us. While we have a lot of work to do, unpacking and getting settled, we do not expect to have to put in any more all-nighters!

We are grateful for everyone who has made (and are making) this transition as smooth as possible. Some people the Manor Hill Charge (as well as Joleen’s mom) watched Ethan while we packed over the course of the past week or so. Without them, we’d still be packing!

And here in Clearfield, members from West Side and Centre Grove are providing evening meals Thursday/Friday and Monday/Tuesday, respectively. They’re also setting up baby sitting for Ethan on Monday and Tuesday so that we can get as far as we can in the process of getting settled!

Thanks to all who are helping with our transition!

3 thoughts on “The Move 2.0”

  1. We were so sorry to hear about this shooting. Steve was acquainted with Mr. Kaufman when he worked at Greenwood Furnace.
    Hope your unpacking and settling in goes well.

  2. Glad to hear you’re there!
    Be sure to let Barry know how the move went.

    Our congregation included Trinity and all the churches of Clearfield in their prayers this morning.

  3. Thanks!

    We made some real progress on the unpacking in the last couple days (especially Friday when Joleen’s mom and step-dad came for the day).

    We hope to make even more progress on Monday and Tuesday so that we can focus on getting acclimated in our new ministries!

    We’ll try to write a post soon about how Ethan is handling the transition since that has been a major concern for us. But we want to give it a little more time before we do.


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