These pictures are a little slow in coming, but we couldn’t resist sharing them. Ethan was quite the helper with our unpacking.

3 thoughts on “Unpacking”

  1. Our most productive days unpacking was our first few days here. Since July 1, it’s been slow going as our focus has been on getting acclimated (and hitting the ground running) in our new ministries.

    We still have some finishing up to do in most rooms. One room we’ve not really hit too much yet, but are wanting to soon, is our home office.

    We’ve set up a second floor room and are calling it the “library.” It will mainly store our books/bookshelves (actually, it will double as an exercise room with our weights).

    BTW, putting our (up to 30 boxes of) books on the second floor did not endear us to the movers. They said they were going to remember this address (i.e. for the next time we move). 😆

    We’ll also use the open basement for some of our home office space, which will double as a play space for Ethan. There, we won’t have to worry about what he gets into too much, since it’s mostly open space.


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