Life. Leadership. God’s Mission.

Those are the areas we’ve chosen to write about on this blog. But those areas have developed over time. We started out simply posting the text of our sermons. Later, we began reflecting on, and writing about, leadership.

Over the course of the past year, we’ve begun writing a lot more about what’s going on in our lives — mainly the adoption process. Originally, our main goal was simply to inform family and friends on how things were progressing.

However, we’ve continued to write about the adoption journey, including the process of adjustment since bringing Ethan home, not only to inform, but also to influence.

That makes sense, since as leaders, we are influencers (leadership expert, John Maxwell, has long taught that “leadership is influence”). Our influence through this blog has grown, apparently. We’ve received over 16,000 page views in the last 6 months from all over the world (which isn’t necessarily a lot, just a lot more than it was before that).

Currently, there is a link on a Korea Blogroll of another blog, from which we’ve received 134 page views by people who have clicked on our link over there.

We certainly hope that our story and our experience, ultimately our journey of being faithful to God’s leadership and work in our lives, is helpful to the people, who for whatever reason, choose to come here!

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